What is MancSEO?

MancSEO is a community of SEOs in and around Manchester, aiming to support and inspire each other. This is an informal group of like-minded people, who enjoy talking shop and getting to know their peers.

Who is involved in running this?

This has been rebooted by Kieron Hughes (PortSwigger), James Smith (iProspect), and Will O’Hara (MediaCom).

We used to attend the ‘original’ MancSEO meet ups from back in 2009/10, and with the support of some of the original organisers (Pete Young, Simon Wharton, Alex Moss, et al) we have decided to get this going again.

How can I get involved?

Slack – We have an active community Slack channel of over 160 people. This is semi-invite only; simply to make sure we maintain a level of relevance. You are more than welcome to submit your details if you’d like to join and get involved.

Twitter – You can follow us over on Twitter (@mancseo), and feel free to contribute to the hashtag #mancseo – though please be respectful and don’t spam the feed.

Is there an event happening?

Yes! The last event was in August and the next one will be happening in November.

If you are interested in contributing, speaking, or sponsoring at our events, please do let us know.

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